Haivisoft is established with the aim of providing interactive learning of essential IT related courses and Job support on various technologies to all Working/Non Managing Candidates throughout INDIA, USA, UAE,  UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India and Many Other Countries. We provide training by a Real Time Professionals. We are driven by our belief in the potential of new technologies to enrich the world.We are convinced that we can leverage these technologies to help individuals add more value to their career and allow us to synergistically grow together. We meet student needs in training and job oriented requirements on IT training.
We also offer good quality tips to improve acquaintance more in the software training Courses & Computer IT Training at online to contend with today competitive software world. We train the students in different modes of directions to be the paramount in the online software training field as to make them finest amongst with latest technology. We have highly practiced and proficient faculty to polish the trainees in a contemporary manner to amplify their style of learning and grabbing the existing issues as fine as that helps them to grow intelligent in this field.
WHY Haivisoft?
The benefits of environmental training are numerous and include:
  1. Empowering staff to lead environmental change at work and in their communities.
  2. Increasing employee retention and productivity.
  3. Providing a consistent and accurate explanation of organisational environmental strategy to customers.
  4. Reducing energy and water consumption within the home or office.
  5. Creating capacity for auditing and monitoring in house to avoid the need for consultants for compliance purposes.
  6. Forming part of an organisational environmental strategy that can be promoted to clients.
  7. Creating on the ground awareness of risks and opportunities that can be fed back into business strategy.
  8. Building employee capacity in specific fields.
Online training is useful for a number of reasons:
  1. Participants can attend a course at anytime from anywhere and update themselves with course material at any point down the track.
  2. Training is self paced to suit the learning style of the student.
  3. Interactivity is enhanced as all students participate, not only the most vocal or knowledgeable.
  4. The internet is a rich environment that can simulate 'learning by doing' safely, and can incorporate activities, games and videos very easily for an active learning approach.
  5. Online training is cheaper than traditional classroom based teaching making it more accessible and affordable.
  6. Online training modules are developed very quickly to allow fast roll out of new concepts, changes in Government legislation and updated knowledge bases.
  7. Online training automates the reporting and marking process and streamlines workflows for learning managers. Reports can be tailored to suit organisational specific requirements and are generated automatically.
  8. Exposure to technology for learning increases familiarity and skill with technology in the workplace.
  9. Online training is better for the environment - the larger the training group size, the more environmentally friendly.
  1. The main purpose of the corporate training is to utilize the expertise of experienced trainer for their projects.
  2. Depending on the project requirement we will schedule the classes.

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